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Visual Patent Search

Welcome to the Energy Innovation Portal's Visual Patent Search tool. This tool is designed to provide a facilitated search of the patent content contained in the Energy Innovation Portal. The patent content on the Portal contains published US patent applications and issued US patents created using Department of Energy funding.

The Visual Patent Search tool was created using two powerful technologies developed at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory:

  • IN-SPIRE™ Visual Document Analysis. The Visual Patent Search is based on a new technology classification system for the patents. Using the InSpire tool, a tiered patent categorization system was created from the "bottom up". While patent classes can also be used to create a categorization system, the InSpire-based analysis focuses on word occurrence patterns across all the records, and creates "clusters" of records that classify a technology area. This "bottom up" approach enabled the Portal team to develop a unique way of searching DOE-patents beyond a simple key word search.
  • Scalable Reasoning System (SRS). SRS is a web-based visual analytics toolkit. It consists of a set of web services that provide common data processing functionality such as clustering and theme detection and a set of javascript-based visualization components that are delivered through a browser.

The graphic below highlights the features of the Visual Patent Search tool. Click the link below to launch the Visual Patent Search.

Launch Visual Patent Search

Launch Visual Patent Search