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Railcar Switchman Platform

The swtichman platform is designed to attach to the railcar ladder providing a stable platform

Savannah River National Laboratory

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Technology Marketing SummaryEngineers at the Savannah River Site have devised a new railcar switchman platform for enhanced safety of railroad personnel.  The switchman platform is designed to attach to the railcar ladder providing a stable platform from which the switchman can perform their duties.Description

Under normal operations when railcars are pushed or shoved by the locomotive, a switchman is required to ride on the lead car to flag and provide watch for the locomotive engineer.   These functions normally require the switchman to ride on the ladder attached to the side of the railcar.  The switchman platform, which can be attached to the railcar ladder, provides a stable platform upon which the switchman can ride in a normal standing position.  Performing his duties in a standing position allows the switchman greater stability and a safer position to operate the emergency brake, radio, or provide flag signals to the engineer. The attached handrails allow the switchman to work independently of the ladder and face in any direction.

In addition, the installed platform will comply with most common horizontal and vertical railcar clearances.  The configuration allows it to be close to the railcar for horizontal clearances and high enough to clear standard manual switch equipment.

  • enhanced safety for railcar personnel
  • provides hands-free operation for switchman
  • switchman can face in any direction
  • eliminates the need for switchman to ride on the railcar ladder
  • no railcar modifications required
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