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Energetic Material – Electro Nitration

Idaho National Laboratory

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Technology Marketing SummaryINL has developed an improved method of nitrating a nitro compound by oxidizing a chemical mediator in the presence of a voltage in order to produce an oxidizing agent. Then, the agent reacts with a nitro compound and ion source in a solution in order to form a geminaldinitro compound. The electrochemical synthesis of geminaldinitro results in the formation of a nitro compound that may be used in explosives and other defense and industrial applications.Description

This technology leads to lower operating costs by eliminating the need for an oxidizer and the need to dispose of the spent oxidizer.


 -  Process is used in the manufacture of explosive materials

 -  A primary chemical oxidizer is used in the first reaction

 -  A secondary chemical oxidizer is used to regenerate the primary oxidizer producing more reactions

 -  Process can also be used for defense and other industrial applications

Applications and IndustriesChemical oxidization, nitration, explosives, energyTechnology Status
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