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Electrochemical Synthesis of Pd Nanorods and Nanowires on High Surface Area C Supports

Brookhaven National Laboratory

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Anisotropic growth of palladium nanoparticles on high surface area carbon supports is encouraged by the choice of surface preparation and electrochemical deposition parameters. The resultant nanorods and nanowires have extremely smooth surfaces, improving their catalytic activity for the oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cells, as well as for other reactions. These ultra-smooth surfaces can be used as-grown, or may be subjected to further processing, such as deposition of monolayers of platinum or gold, to further enhance catalytic activity.  These materials are well suited to heterogeneous catalysis and electrocatalysis, especially at fuel cell electrodes.



Patents and Patent Applications
ID Number
Title and Abstract
Primary Lab
Patent 9,099,253
Electrochemical synthesis of elongated noble metal nanoparticles, such as nanowires and nanorods, on high-surface area carbon supports
Elongated noble-metal nanoparticles and methods for their manufacture are disclosed. The method involves the formation of a plurality of elongated noble-metal nanoparticles by electrochemical deposition of the noble metal on a high surface area carbon support, such as carbon nanoparticles. Prior to electrochemical deposition, the carbon support may be functionalized by oxidation, thus making the manufacturing process simple and cost-effective. The generated elongated nanoparticles are covalently bound to the carbon support and can be used directly in electrocatalysis. The process provides elongated noble-metal nanoparticles with high catalytic activities and improved durability in combination with high catalyst utilization since the nanoparticles are deposited and covalently bound to the carbon support in their final position and will not change in forming an electrode assembly.
Brookhaven National Laboratory 08/04/2015
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BSA 11-20DevelopmentAvailable03/11/201104/22/2013

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