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Structural Composites with Enhanced Moduli of Elasticity

Enhanced Moduli

Battelle Memorial Institute

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Technology Marketing Summary

The invention provides a low cost structural composite alternative for use in typical structural lumber/wood applications in building construction, marine, transportation applications, and the like.


This technology provides a low-cost method to fabricate structural biocomposite alternatives for use as replacement for standard structural lumber or wood composite applications such as building construction.  These structural composites are fabricated from bio-based materials (such as wood flour or bio-derived fibers) combined with a thermoplastic resin, and can be processed using conventional extrusion equipment.

Benefits• Provides a thermoset biofiber/resin matrix that can be processed like a thermoplastic
• Provides enhanced properties over conventional structural wood products
• Requires less drying of the biofiber than competing technologies
Applications and Industries• Building construction
• Transportation
Patents and Patent Applications
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Title and Abstract
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Application 20070167540
Structural composites with enhanced moduli of elasticity
The invention provides for structural composites made from biomaterials such as wood products, plant fibers and the like; and/or a non-biomaterial having free --OH groups; a thermoplastic resin such as a polyolefin; coupling agents such as a thermosetting resin or a second thermoplastic resin; a blocked catalyst, a crosslinker and other functional additives may be used.
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