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Linear Thermite Charge

Battelle Memorial Institute

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Technology Marketing Summary

The Linear Thermite Charge (LTC) is designed to rapidly cut through concrete and steel structural components by using extremely high temperature thermite reactions jetted through a linear nozzle. 


Broadly, the invention provides for the thermite charges to make linear or curvilinear cuts into materials such as building structures, pavements, transport equipment such as ships, planes, and the like. As used herein, the term linear includes linear and curvilinear shapes. Typically, the term linear includes elongated jet shapes and is not limited by whether the elongated jet opening is linear, curvilinear, or has bends.

  1. Can cut both concrete and steel at one time making rebar/concrete structural elements faster to demolish
  2. Can be designed to produce a linear cut by the use of a linear fixed-nozzle or a moving circular nozzle
  3. Cuts with the speed of explosive shaped charges but without the fragmentation and logistical problems of explosives
Applications and Industries
  • Infrastructure (building/bridge) demolition
  • Roadway cutting for demolition or access holes for utility service
  • Pipeline cutting for offshore environments
Patents and Patent Applications
ID Number
Title and Abstract
Primary Lab
Patent 7,555,986
Thermite charge
The present invention provides for cutting operations using linear thermite charges; the charges cut one dimensional or two dimensional geometric shapes; the invention is useful for structure entry or demolition.
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