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Direct Conversion of Biomass into Transportation Fuels

Los Alamos National Laboratory

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Technology Marketing SummaryLos Alamos National Laboratory is developing a portfolio of technologies related to catalytic processes for converting oligosaccharides into hydrocarbons under mild conditions.DescriptionWe are seeking a co-development partner interested in teaming to further develop the technology, including pursuit of Federal-funding opportunities, and commercialize the technology. At a minimum, qualified parties will have financial resources to provide a cost-match to any Federal funds, technical resources to enable scale-up and optimization of the processes, market insight and the ability to address the market. Qualified parties will be required to execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement before detailed technical information is exchanged. The selected partner will be willing to enter into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA;  A desired outcome is a commercialization entity that may be a startup company or other third party. Interested parties should contact John Mott at no later than 5 PM MST on March 30, 2012.Benefits
  • Uses non-food-based feed stock
  • Potential for continuous flow production
  • High yield in water in non-optimized system
  • Requires no flammable solvents
  • Low temperature/pressure requirements
  • Cost effective catalyst system
  • No feed stock purification necessary
Applications and IndustriesTransportation biofuelsTechnology Status
Technology IDDevelopment StageAvailabilityPublishedLast Updated
S129385; other invention disclosures; patents in preparationPrototype - Demonstrated at lab bench scale, but non-optimized process.Available - Seeking Co-development partner03/15/201203/15/2012

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