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Encryption Engine

Sandia National Laboratories

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Technology Marketing SummaryIn the past, traditional encryption engines utilized a mode of encryption that was vulnerable to certain attacks and not capable of running at full capacity.  Sandia has created an invention that provides a solution to the problem of keeping an encryption engine pipeline full so that the encryption engine can run at full capacity in CBC mode or other encryption modes that require feedback from previous computation. DescriptionCipher Block Chaining, CBC, is the preferred mode in practice because CBC mode encryption requires feedback from the previous computation.  Previous concern with the CBC mode was that the pipeline has the possibility of being flushed or run dry, however this invention allows the encryption engine pipeline to be kept full, allowing full-rate operation. 
  • Engine pipeline kept full, allowing full-rate operation
  • Modes of encryption able to run at full capacity
  • Advanced computing
  • Greater efficiency
Applications and Industries
  • Computing
  • Software
  • Cyber Security
Patents and Patent Applications
ID Number
Title and Abstract
Primary Lab
Patent 7,362,859
Enhancement of utilization of encryption engine
A method of enhancing throughput of a pipelined encryption/decryption engine for an encryption/decryption process has a predetermined number of stages and provides feedback around the stages (and of such an encryption/decryption engine) by receiving a source datablock for a given stage and encryption/decryption context identifier; indexing according to the encryption/decryption context identifier into a bank of initial variables to retrieve an initial variable for the source datablock; and generating an output datablock from the source datablock and its corresponding initial variable.
Sandia National Laboratories 04/22/2008
Technology Status
Technology IDDevelopment StageAvailabilityPublishedLast Updated
Patent# 7,362,859, SD# 6769Prototype - Sandia estimates this technology at a TRL 5. Key elements have been demonstrated in relevant environments. Available - Various license and partnering options are available. Please contact the Intellectual Property department to discuss.07/08/201103/12/2013

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