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Modulated Tool-Path (MTP) Chip Breaking System

Y-12 National Security Complex

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Technology Marketing Summary

The MTP chip breaking system is a cost-saving solution for machining operations that create continuous chips. These chips can damage the workpiece or machine tool, pose hazards to the machine operator, complicate cleanup of the work space, and cause operation delays. The MTP chip breaking system creates a significantly safer operating environment and can reduce cleanup, repair and replacement costs.


• Computer modeling and simulation techniques
• Selectable chip lengths
• Automatic chip breaking motion
• No special cutting tool required
• Works with all materials, part shapes, and machine configurations
• Compatible with light depths of cut


• Eliminate down time due to chip bird nests
• Simplified and less costly chip processing/recycling
• Reduced machine repairs
• Decreased product delivery delays
• Improved workplace safety
• Reduced cutting tool temperatures

Applications and Industries

• Turning and boring operations involving ductile materials including metals and plastics
• New and existing machines

More Information

Inventors - William Barkman, Ed Babelay, and UNC-Charlotte

2010 R&D 100 Award Winner

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Patents and Patent Applications
ID Number
Title and Abstract
Primary Lab
Patent 8,240,234
Methods and systems for chip breaking in turning applications using CNC toolpaths
The present invention provides methods and systems for chip breaking, controlling cutting tool wear, and the like in turning, boring, and other applications, including: engaging a workpiece with a cutting tool in a feed direction along a toolpath, superimposing an oscillation in the feed direction on the toolpath, and dynamically or non-dynamically varying the oscillation superimposed in the feed direction on the toolpath such that interrupted cuts and chips of a predetermined length or less are produced. These systems take full advantage of computer numerical control (CNC) methodologies.
Y-12 National Security Complex 08/14/2012
Patent 8,432,119
Method and apparatus for characterizing and enhancing the functional performance of machine tools
Disclosed are various systems and methods for assessing and improving the capability of a machine tool. The disclosure applies to machine tools having at least one slide configured to move along a motion axis. Various patterns of dynamic excitation commands are employed to drive the one or more slides, typically involving repetitive short distance displacements. A quantification of a measurable merit of machine tool response to the one or more patterns of dynamic excitation commands is typically derived for the machine tool. Examples of measurable merits of machine tool performance include workpiece surface finish, and the ability to generate chips of the desired length.
Y-12 National Security Complex 04/30/2013
Technology Status
Technology IDDevelopment StageAvailabilityPublishedLast Updated
2099, 2104, and 2118.Development - TRL 8 - Technology has been proven to work in its final form and under expected conditions.Available06/20/201112/06/2016

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