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Magnetic Nanoparticle Capilary Flow as a Replacement for Lateral Flow Chromatography

Colorado School of Mines

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Technology Marketing SummaryThis invention looks at method to detect targeted analytes.
DescriptionThe method most often used now is Lateral Flow Chromatography (LFC) which has many drawbacks including: the need for extensive optimization, sensitivity, specificity, lack of quantitative data and extensive component selection.  The reported method uses Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) and antibodies specific to the targeted analyte.  These antibodies are easily attached to beads (one specific for SERS and one nano-magnet).  The reported method will report both quantitative and qualitative results in a rapid fashion.Benefits
  • Ability to receive quantitative and qualitative information quickly
  • No need for the nitrocellulose membrane required for LFC
  • More specific and sensitive than LFC
  • Simpler than LFC
Applications and Industries
  • Virus and bacteria detection
  • Medical testing
  • Agriculture
  • Home pregnancy tests
Technology Status
Development StageAvailabilityPublishedLast Updated
DevelopmentAvailable - We are seeking an exclusive or non-exclusive licensee for marketing, manufacturing, and sale of this technology.06/14/201106/14/2011

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