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Bio-based Deicing/Anti-Icing Fluids

Battelle Memorial Institute

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Technology Marketing SummaryThis technology is for preparing lower-toxicity, less corrosive, and typically bio-based deicing/anti-icing fluids for aerospace and non-aerospace applications.DescriptionThe use of bio-based ingredients allows the toxicity and corrosivity as well as the carbon footprint to be reduced. A major aspect of this technology is the reduction in number of additives used for achieving various specifications; this is possible by using multi-purpose additives. While the original applications were for aircraft deicing/anti-icing and runway deicing/anti-icing, the technology is applicable to roadway/pavement as well as many other deicing/anti-icing applications.Benefits
  • Typically 50-90 % reduction in ecotoxicity
  • Typically 30% or more reduction in oxygen demand for aircraft applications
  • Typically 50-80% lower corrosivity towards steel, various aerospace alloys, cadmium-coated parts and aircraft brakes
  • Significantly lower life-cycle cost based on fluid costs, wastewater handling costs and corrosion-related costs.
Applications and Industries
  • Aircraft deicing/anti-icing
  • Runway deicing/anti-icing;
  • Roadway/pavements deicing/anti-icing;
  • Various other applications where deicing/anti-icing is required
More InformationPatent(s): US 7,048,871; 7,105,105; 7,169,321; WO 2005/042662 A1Technology Status
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