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All-Optically Prepared and Controlled Nematic Liquid Crystal Light Valve

Colorado School of Mines

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Technology Marketing SummaryThis device acts as an optical switch that controls the intensity of a light beam through the action of a second control beam.  This behavior is achieved through photo-induced anisotropy that develops in a monomolecular layer coating the inside surfaces of a liquid crystal cell.DescriptionOne of these surfaces is permanently aligned prior to assembly, while the other surface retains reversible behavior , adopting anisotropy according to the orientation of the polarization of the control beam.  The device is the first of its kind, in which both control surfaces contain the same molecule.  The different behaviors on these surfaces are achieved according to the processing conditions.Benefits
  • Display manufacturing without contact to window surfaces
  • Doesn’t rely on contact-rubbing methods
  • Simple, reliable and low cost.
Applications and Industries
  • High-resolution microdisplays
  • Optical memory
  • Optical switching for optical beam control
  • Main element in all-optical computer
More InformationWe are seeking an exclusive or non-exclusive licensee for marketing, manufacturing, and sale of this technology.Technology Status
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