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Electrochemical Method of Controlling Thiolate Coverage on a Conductive Substrate

Ames Laboratory

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Technology Marketing SummaryThis invention is a way to apply thiolate using a thermodynamically controlled electrodeposition process on a substrate such as gold in such a way as to predictably cover the substrate with a partial monomolecular layer over a predetermined area.DescriptionThe extent of coverage by the thiolate is determined by controlling the voltage used in the electrodeposition.Applications and IndustriesUsed with thin-film resonators, possible applications include biomedical monitoring, industrial process monitoring, and applications for residential use such as carbon monoxide detectors coupled with smoke detectors.Patents and Patent Applications
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Patent 5,827,417
Electrochemical method of controlling thiolate coverage on a conductive substrate such as gold
An electrochemical method for forming a partial monomolecular layer of a predetermined extent of coverage of a thiolate of the formula, XRS--, therein R can be a linear or branched chain hydrocarbon or an aromatic or the like and X can be any compatible end group, e.g., OH, COOH, CH.sub.3 or the like, upon a substrate such as gold, which involves applying in an electrochemical system a constant voltage preselected to yield the desired predetermined extent of coverage.
Ames Laboratory 10/27/1998
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