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Photovoltaic Films

Los Alamos National Laboratory

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LANL’s solar power portfolio includes a deposition process known as PAD. PAD eliminates the need for vacuum-based thin film equipment.
LANL’s solar power portfolio includes a deposition process known as PAD. PAD eliminates the need for vacuum-based thin film equipment.

Technology Marketing SummaryThe rising total cost of energy is fueling new markets for solar power.
As solar moves beyond traditional niche markets and into multi-billion-
dollar mainstream markets, advanced technologies will separate the winners from the losers. While the short-term market driver remains focused on production cost of photovoltaic solar cells, the rapid pace of materials science and nanotechnology innovation is expected to enable radical and disruptive new solar product architectures over the next decade.

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is now offering its extensive portfolio of solar power technology for licensing and collaboration. The LANL solar power portfolio includes breakthrough technologies for reducing photovoltaic solar cell manufacturing costs, reducing capital expenditures, reducing the dependence on surplus silicon, and enabling new product architectures.

By working with LANL, companies gain access to highly innovative solar power technology while minimizing R&D risks and expenditures. Our partners gain access to leading nanotechnology and solar power research teams, as well as LANL’s extensive solar power intellectual property (IP) portfolio. We invite you to explore solar power business opportunities available with LANL today.DescriptionSee Patent
BenefitsFirst-mover advantage
Reduced cost of R&D
Reduced risk of R&D
Reduced development cycle
Design freedom (IP)
Applications and IndustriesAdvanced Technologies:
Quantum dot thin films
Carrier multiplication
Nano-wire solar cell
Polymer-assisted deposition
Biaxially-oriented films

Semiconductor nanocrystal
Quantum dot thin film
Semiconductor device design
Deposition process engineering
More InformationOther patents pending:
  • Polymer-Assisted Deposition of Films (“PAD,” patent pending)
  • Biaxially-Oriented Silicon Film on Conducting Layer on Metal Tape (patent pending)
  • Biaxially-Oriented Oxide Film on Polyimide (patent pending)
  • Biaxially-Oriented Silicon Film on Polycrystalline/Amorphous Template (patent pending)
  • Quantum Dot Composite Materials (patent pending)
  • A Highly Efficient Nano-Wire Solar Cell (patent pending)
  • Carrier Multiplication in Quantum-confined Semiconductor Materials (patent pending)
Patents and Patent Applications
ID Number
Title and Abstract
Primary Lab
Patent 6,589,457
Polymer-assisted aqueous deposition of metal oxide films
An organic solvent-free process for deposition of metal oxide thin films is presented. The process includes aqueous solutions of necessary metal precursors and an aqueous solution of a water-soluble polymer. After a coating operation, the resultant coating is fired at high temperatures to yield optical quality metal oxide thin films.
Los Alamos National Laboratory 07/08/2003
Technology Status
Technology IDDevelopment StageAvailabilityPublishedLast Updated
DOE S-91,715DevelopmentAvailable - for Licensing04/04/201304/04/2013

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