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Thin Film Deposition Method for Sensor Manufacturing

Los Alamos National Laboratory

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Technology Marketing SummaryScientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) have developed an innovative method for gas sensor manufacturing using a thin film deposition. The thin film requires very little material and can be applied in high throughput applications.DescriptionThe gas sensor market is highly competitive. LANL’s thin film deposition method for manufacturing gas sensors decreases manufacturing time and costs, while increasing consistency and quality. With the use of thin film deposition, gas sensor manufacturers can offer a higher quality product at a very competitive price.Benefits
  • Decreases production time
  • Increases quality
  • Decreases costs
  • Simplifies the manufacturing process
  • Allows application of tape casting method
Applications and IndustriesGas sensor manufacturing:
  •   Carbon monoxide
  •   Hydrocarbon
  •   NOx/ammonia
  •   Any gas sensor with two electrodes and an electrolyte
More InformationPatent pendingPatents and Patent Applications
ID Number
Title and Abstract
Primary Lab
Patent 7,264,700
Thin film mixed potential sensors
A mixed potential sensor for oxidizable or reducible gases and a method of making. A substrate is provided and two electrodes are formed on a first surface of the substrate, each electrode being formed of a different catalytic material selected to produce a differential voltage between the electrodes from electrochemical reactions of the gases catalyzed by the electrode materials. An electrolytic layer of an electrolyte is formed over the electrodes to cover a first portion of the electrodes from direct exposure to the gases with a second portion of the electrodes uncovered for direct exposure to the gases.
Los Alamos National Laboratory 09/04/2007
Technology Status
Technology IDDevelopment StageAvailabilityPublishedLast Updated
DOE S-100,655ProposedAvailable - for Licensing04/04/201304/04/2013

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