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Hydrogen-Evolving Organic Compounds

Los Alamos National Laboratory

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Technology Marketing SummaryA system, that includes a catalyst and organic compound, for storing and releasing hydrogen at or near ambient temperature.DescriptionHydrogen is the leading candidate for a fuel to replace more conventional fuels such as gasoline and diesel. However, there are problems associated with storing hydrogen. One storage scheme being considered involves using chemical compounds that evolve hydrogen as a reaction product. Most organic compounds do not evolve hydrogen. Most of those that can evolve hydrogen do so under severe conditions, making them incompetent for a practical hydrogen storage system. The invention relates to a fuel system for devices that use hydrogen as fuel. The system includes a catalyst and organic compounds that store and release hydrogen at or near ambient temperature in the presence of the catalyst.BenefitsA hydrogen storage method that requires neither pressurized gas nor liquid hydrogen.Applications and IndustriesTransportationPatents and Patent Applications
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Patent 7,439,369
Method and system for hydrogen evolution and storage
A method and system for storing and evolving hydrogen employ chemical compounds that can be hydrogenated to store hydrogen and dehydrogenated to evolve hydrogen. A catalyst lowers the energy required for storing and evolving hydrogen. The method and system can provide hydrogen for devices that consume hydrogen as fuel.
Los Alamos National Laboratory 10/21/2008
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