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TMM Photonic Software

Ames Laboratory

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Researchers have developed a new software package for calculating 3D photonic crystal structures that is highly efficient. 


Photonic crystals have many potential applications in areas such as optoelectronics.  However, while modeling tools are available for facilitating the development of practical photonic crystal technology, existing algorithms suffer from drawbacks that include memory limitations, slow computation speeds and cumbersome user interfaces.  To overcome these disadvantages, ISU and Ames Laboratory researchers have developed a new software package for modeling photonic crystal-based structures that is based on planewave-based TMM (transfer matrix method) and an interpolation algorithm, and is integrated with regression methods.  This software package has computation times that are much faster than existing TMM, FDTD (finite difference time domain) and RCWA (rigorous coupled-wave analysis) algorithms, has an easy to use interface, and is able to model a wide variety of significant photonic crystal structures, including layer-by-layer “woodpile” structures, metallic complex structures, photonic crystal waveguides, and photonic crystal cavities. In addition, the software package is available in versions appropriate for single CPU computers to super computers.  This software may thus have utility for simulating and identifying new structures for photonic crystals with specific characteristics that can be used as platforms for future photonic devices.

• Rapid (computation speed is much faster than that for existing algorithms
• Comprehensive (enables modeling of a wide variety of photonic crystal structures
• User-friendly (interface makes software package easy to run)
• Flexible (versions for single computers, computer clusters and/or super computers are available)
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