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Y-12 National Security Complex

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Technology Marketing Summary

Magnofex is a processing method for nonferrous metal deposition which uses magnetic fields to manipulate the microstructure of the deposited metal. Strategic orientation of magnets controls grain structure in a manner that enhances the strength and mechanical properties of the metals involved. Lead-free solders, which are nonferrous metals, can greatly benefit from the presence of magnetic fields during soldering. Consisting primarily of tin, lead-free solders often exhibit a paramagnetic-to-diamagnetic shift as they solidify in the presence of a magnetic field. Strategic orientation of magnets during soldering processes controls the solder's grain orientation, improving the performance and reliability of the lead-free components and reducing the propensity to form "tin whiskers."

  • Simple: employs magnetic influence
  • Inexpensive: requires minimal equipment
  • Flexible: adapts easily to current manufacturing processes and is transportable
  • Versatile: works with new products as well as rework and repair
  • Broad: spans across all lead-free solders
  • Unique: employs none of the traditional solutions for mitigating tin whisker growth (e.g., conformal coating techniques, solder/alloy alteration)
  • Reduces mechanical failure: increases ability of electronics to withstand shock and vibration, increases wettability, decreases board delamination
  • Improves manufacturability: reduces tin whisker formation/pad cratering, aids in solder reballing, enables retrofitting existing solder stations to current manufacturing techniques
  • Addresses issues regarding lead-free solutions for manufacturing and plating applications
Applications and Industries
  • Electronic components
  • Aircraft propeller blades
  • Compressor turbine blades
  • Welding
  • Brazing
  • Food processor blades
  • Cutting tools
More Information

TRL 5: Component and/or breadboard validation in a relevant environment.

Technology Ventures Corporation-featured technology, 2012.

Patents and Patent Applications
ID Number
Title and Abstract
Primary Lab
Patent 9,181,611
Control of microstructure in soldered, brazed, welded, plated, cast or vapor deposited manufactured components
Disclosed are methods and systems for controlling of the microstructures of a soldered, brazed, welded, plated, cast, or vapor deposited manufactured component. The systems typically use relatively weak magnetic fields of either constant or varying flux to affect material properties within a manufactured component, typically without modifying the alloy, or changing the chemical composition of materials or altering the time, temperature, or transformation parameters of a manufacturing process. Such systems and processes may be used with components consisting of only materials that are conventionally characterized as be uninfluenced by magnetic forces.
Y-12 National Security Complex 11/10/2015
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