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PDF Document PublicationLeha'ir Fact Sheet (381 KB)

Technology Marketing Summary

Obtaining a usable x-ray image means that the technician must align the x-ray beam, collimator, and target properly, which often means taking several test radiographs, resulting in lost time and a waste of materials. The Leha'ir system uses a focused, visible light to indicate the spread of an x-ray beam. The light assists in aligning the x-ray generator with the target to achieve the required radiographic coverage. An indication system and electrical lockout are used on the x-ray generator to protect the light from the harmful x-rays and ensure that the light beam is retracted prior to exposing the film.

  • Simple and safe visual alignment method.
  • Hinged or sliding frame that is mounted to the face of the x-ray generator.
  • High-intensity LED light, which illuminates the area of the projected radiation beam.
  • An interlock switch prevents the x-ray generator from operating while the operator is aligning.
  • Aids technician in radiographic setup to ensure coverage with significantly reduced rework.
  • Reduces technician time.
  • Reduces film and chemical usage for film radiography.
  • Reduces unnecessary exposure to digital panels for digital radiography.
Applications and Industries
  • X-ray radiography
  • Isotope radiography
  • Laboratories
  • Dental offices
  • Medical offices
More Information

TRL 8: Concept tested in relevant environment

Inventor: Nathaniel F. Henry

Patents and Patent Applications
ID Number
Title and Abstract
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Application 20170295633
The present invention provides a bright, focused visible light source that is part of a visible light alignment assembly that is coupled to an X-ray generator. The visible light source projects a bright, focused visible light beam from the X-ray generator through a collimator and object or part to be radiographed and to a detector or film, just as a subsequent X-ray beam eventually is. This allows the operator to quickly and easily visually assess the eventual position and coverage or spread of the X-ray beam and align the X-ray generator, collimator, object or part to be radiographed, and/or detector or film, with a minimum of test radiographs.
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