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Intrinsically Safe Moisture Blending System

Y-12 National Security Complex

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Technology Marketing Summary

In response to the needs of areas where intrinsically safe equipment is utilized, this newly developed moisture blending system can predictably blend precise amounts of moisture with a dry gas without the use of electricity. The system works by allowing the user to select the desired range of moisture, detecting the moisture content of the room by comparing the built-in water bath temperature to a reference chart that correlates it to the moisture content, and then generating moisture in various ranges through the use of multiple permeation tubes.


Uses no electricity. Allows the user to select a range of moisture. Allows the user to determine the precise amount of moisture generated. Can be used in any field location.


Compact, low cost, low energy. All solid state detection. Versatile design for wide-range of applications (hand-held, high resolution, bulk counter, imaging). High intrinsic gamma/neutron discrimination.

Applications and Industries

Field-calibration in explosion areas; moisture source for kinetic studies; blending condensable liquids an gasses; drug delivery system for medications, similar to asthma inhalers; humidity control of living spaces such as homes, offices, or operation rooms in hospitals.

Patents and Patent Applications
ID Number
Title and Abstract
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Patent 8,262,280
Intrinsically safe moisture blending system
A system for providing an adjustable blend of fluids to an application process is disclosed. The system uses a source of a first fluid flowing through at least one tube that is permeable to a second fluid and that is disposed in a source of the second fluid to provide the adjustable blend. The temperature of the second fluid is not regulated, and at least one calibration curve is used to predict the volumetric mixture ratio of the second fluid with the first fluid from the permeable tube. The system typically includes a differential pressure valve and a backpressure control valve to set the flow rate through the system.
Y-12 National Security Complex 09/11/2012
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