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Emergency Management Information System (EMInS)

Y-12 National Security Complex

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PDF Document PublicationEMInS Fact Sheet (526 KB)

Technology Marketing Summary

The Emergency Management Information System (EMInS) is web-based software that provides real-time information, data, graphics, maps, and video capabilities necessary to efficiently manage an emergency. This technology provides a structured means of recording emergency information and sharing it among emergency response cadre members as well as responding agencies. Individual access is provided through a web interface, and large group viewing is available through selective projection via standard video inputs.

  • Support for multiple independent event sites.
  • Easy to use, customizable web interface.
  • End user content management, including the ability to link and display from any folder/directory on your network as well as other URLs.
  • Emergency responder management can be internal to the application or imported from a spreadsheet, database, or emergency paging system.
  • Document collaboration and management tool.
  • Data can be displayed, queried, used in models, or used by a geographic information system.
  • Full integration of site systems with a video system, meteorological data collection system, geographic information system, and cadre paging system.
  • Connectivity among emergency operations centers both internal to the site as well as external federal, state, and municipal authorities.
Applications and Industries
  • Fully integrated emergency response management.
More Information
The Y-12 National Security Complex has copyright protection for this technology.
TRL 6: This system is currently in use at Y-12.
Developers: Tim Hickerson, Scott Gebbie, and Robert Gee
Technology Status
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