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SPECS- Stowable Portable Emergenc Casualty Support

Y-12 National Security Complex

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PDF Document PublicationSPECS Fact Sheet (379 KB)

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Foreground: One SPECS in deployed position with other nondeployed units serving as floor panels. Background: SPECS in stowed position, stacked several units high.

Foreground: One SPECS in deployed position with other nondeployed units serving as floor panels. Background: SPECS in stowed position, stacked several units high.

Technology Marketing Summary

The patented SPECS technology is a space-saving, portable, modular medical system. In the deployed position it has a stretcher, hard floor, and basic life support equipment-- including oxygen, vacuum piping and an electrical line. In the stowed position SPECS can work as a floor panel or be stacked, ready for deployment in the event of a national emergency that results in injuries. SPECS can be used for treating patients at the site of an emergency and for moving patients to where they can receive additional or intensive care. Multiple units can be moved into various transportation conveyances, transforming them into evacuation vehicles for injured or special needs individuals.


Weighs 60-80 pounds.

Meets military surgical flooring standard of 65 psf uniformly distributed floor load.

Integrated with stretcher, oxygen and vacuum piping, electrical connection and LED lighting.

Designed for easy unit-to-unit attachment.

Actuated by smooth motion that requires no power supply.

Has lockable actuation at any position.

Creates own privacy shield when deployed.


Space-saving-- can be stacked in stowed position.

Portable and lightweight-- easily moved to response location.

Strong-- can serve as floor panel.

Broad-- allows or future expansion to include heart monitors, portable X-ray equipment, etc.

Versatile-- can also be used as traditional bed or work station.

Applications and Industries

Homeland security and military; emergency response teams; law enforcement; disaster relief; medical/first aid; events/festivals.

Patents and Patent Applications
ID Number
Title and Abstract
Primary Lab
Patent 7,877,828
Portable, space-saving medical patient support system
A support platform having a stowed configuration and a deployed configuration on a floor. The support platform is related to stretcher devices that are used for transporting, confining, or conducting medical procedures on medical patients in medical emergencies. The support platform typically includes a work surface that has a geometric extent. A base that typically includes a plurality of frame members is provided, and the frame members are disposed across the geometric extent of, and proximal to, the work surface in the stowed configuration. The frame members are typically disposed on the floor in the deployed configuration. There is a foldable bracing system engaged with the work surface and engaged with the base. At least a portion of the foldable bracing system is disposed substantially inside at least a portion of the plurality of frame members in the stowed configuration. Further, the foldable bracing system is configured for translocation of the work surface distal from the base in the deployed configuration.
Y-12 National Security Complex 02/01/2011
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