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Amorphous Wire Pressure Sensor

Y-12 National Security Complex

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Technology Marketing Summary

Closed containers may gain or lose pressure due to a variety of reasons, and opening these containers may be dangerous. The Amorphous Wire Pressure Sensor is a passive, wireless sensor for determining the internal pressure of a sealed container without the need for penetrations. The sensor can be embedded inside a container and its data read through the wall by an external detector.


The sensor is wireless and inductive signals can be detected through a variety of materials. The sensor does not require batteries.

  • Small size
  • Passive, wireless communication
  • Eliminates the need for penetration of containers that may be under high pressure
  • Extended life span with no batteries to replace
Applications and Industries
  • Sealed waste containers
  • Process vessels
  • Composite gas cylinders
  • Measuring tire pressure
More Information

TRL 6: Model/prototype is tested in relevant environment.

Patents and Patent Applications
ID Number
Title and Abstract
Primary Lab
Patent 9,146,168
Pressure sensor
Disclosed is a passive, in-situ pressure sensor. The sensor includes a sensing element having a ferromagnetic metal and a tension inducing mechanism coupled to the ferromagnetic metal. The tension inducing mechanism is operable to change a tensile stress upon the ferromagnetic metal based on a change in pressure in the sensing element. Changes in pressure are detected based on changes in the magnetic switching characteristics of the ferromagnetic metal when subjected to an alternating magnetic field caused by the change in the tensile stress. The sensing element is embeddable in a closed system for detecting pressure changes without the need for any penetrations of the system for power or data acquisition by detecting changes in the magnetic switching characteristics of the ferromagnetic metal caused by the tensile stress.
Y-12 National Security Complex 09/29/2015
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