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Pro-Ox Nano

Y-12 National Security Complex

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Technology Marketing Summary

Pro-Ox Nano is a unique material attachment process that delivers quantum improvements in the strength-to-weight ratios of materials. The method, which minimizes nanomaterial production issues, produces high-purity carbon nanotubes quickly and at a significantly lower cost than competitive methods. Use of the Pro-Ox Nano suite of patents has produced Nano-Wool, a high-strength, lightweight material that can be used to reinforce metals or to produce new polymers that conduct electricity.


The process produces high volume and yields high purity and consistency.

  • Creates families of new materials with enhanced properties and uses.
  • Requires fewer production steps.
  • Lessens production costs and saves time and energy.
Applications and Industries
  • Ships
  • Automobiles
  • Textile Incorporation
  • Material/Alloy Manufacturing
  • Sports Equipment
  • Cutting Tools
  • Aircraft
More Information

TRL 6 - Model or prototype has been demonstrated in a relevant environment

2008 R&D 100 Award for resulting Non-Wool

Technology Ventures Corporation - featured technology, 2011

Patents and Patent Applications
ID Number
Title and Abstract
Primary Lab
Patent 8,318,250
Anchored nanostructure materials and method of fabrication
Anchored nanostructure materials and methods for their fabrication are described. The anchored nanostructure materials may utilize nano-catalysts that include powder-based or solid-based support materials. The support material may comprise metal, such as NiAl, ceramic, a cermet, or silicon or other metalloid. Typically, nanoparticles are disposed adjacent a surface of the support material. Nanostructures may be formed as anchored to nanoparticles that are adjacent the surface of the support material by heating the nano-catalysts and then exposing the nano-catalysts to an organic vapor. The nanostructures are typically single wall or multi-wall carbon nanotubes.
Y-12 National Security Complex 11/27/2012
Patent 8,945,691
Nano-material and method of fabrication
A fluffy nano-material and method of manufacture are described. At 2000.times. magnification the fluffy nanomaterial has the appearance of raw, uncarded wool, with individual fiber lengths ranging from approximately four microns to twenty microns. Powder-based nanocatalysts are dispersed in the fluffy nanomaterial. The production of fluffy nanomaterial typically involves flowing about 125 cc/min of organic vapor at a pressure of about 400 torr over powder-based nano-catalysts for a period of time that may range from approximately thirty minutes to twenty-four hours.
Y-12 National Security Complex 02/03/2015
Patent 8,974,719
Composite materials formed with anchored nanostructures
A method of forming nano-structure composite materials that have a binder material and a nanostructure fiber material is described. A precursor material may be formed using a mixture of at least one metal powder and anchored nanostructure materials. The metal powder mixture may be (a) Ni powder and (b) NiAl powder. The anchored nanostructure materials may comprise (i) NiAl powder as a support material and (ii) carbon nanotubes attached to nanoparticles adjacent to a surface of the support material. The process of forming nano-structure composite materials typically involves sintering the mixture under vacuum in a die. When Ni and NiAl are used in the metal powder mixture Ni.sub.3Al may form as the binder material after sintering. The mixture is sintered until it consolidates to form the nano-structure composite material.
Y-12 National Security Complex 03/10/2015
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