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Compact Orthogonal NMR Field Sensor

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Example NMR Image

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Example Enhanced Sensor

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Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) has created an enhanced Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) sensor that serves as a drop-in replacement sensor for existing NMR systems.  Existing sensors receive only information that can be used to determine the composition of a sample.  These sensors can be replaced without modification with the enhanced NMR sensor allowing the NMR system to not only determine the composition of a sample, but also be used to produce an NMR image, while also recording the temperature of the sample in real-time during analysis.  This cost-effective solution will allow research institutions to immediately upgrade their old spectrum only NMR system to NMR imaging systems using only the drop-in replacment sensor and upgraded analytical software.


The Compact Orthogonal NMR Field Sensor not only detects the NMR response as existing NMR sensors, but also allows for NMR imaging and temperature measurements using the same volume of space as existing NRM response only sensors.  The enhanced sensor is able to capture an NMR image by the novel use of two orthogonal electromagnetic fields in the same space allowing for spacial recognition.  The unique sensor also employs dissimilar metals thereby creating a thermocouple junction that may be used in the detection of the temperature of the sample. A NMR system using the new systems will need to use upgraded analytical software in order to detect the location of any NMR response using the unique properties of the two orthogonal system design.  Once implemented, the NMR analytical software will be able to determine the origin of an NMR response and may use this information to produce an NMR image.


Cost Effective, Improved Functionality, Drop-In Replacement to Existing Equipment

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Patent 7,486,078
Compact orthogonal NMR field sensor
A Compact Orthogonal Field Sensor for emitting two orthogonal electro-magnetic fields in a common space. More particularly, a replacement inductor for existing NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) sensors to allow for NMR imaging. The Compact Orthogonal Field Sensor has a conductive coil and a central conductor electrically connected in series. The central conductor is at least partially surrounded by the coil. The coil and central conductor are electrically or electro-magnetically connected to a device having a means for producing or inducing a current through the coil and central conductor. The Compact Orthogonal Field Sensor can be used in NMR imaging applications to determine the position and the associated NMR spectrum of a sample within the electro-magnetic field of the central conductor.
Argonne National Laboratory 02/03/2009
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