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Chloride, bromide and iodide scintillators with europium doping

United States Patent

September 27, 2016
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A halide scintillator material is disclosed where the halide may comprise chloride, bromide or iodide. The material is single-crystalline and has a composition of the general formula ABX.sub.3 where A is an alkali, B is an alkali earth and X is a halide which general composition was investigated. In particular, crystals of the formula ACa.sub.1-yEu.sub.yI.sub.3 where A=K, Rb and Cs were formed as well as crystals of the formula CsA.sub.1-yEu.sub.yX.sub.3 (where A=Ca, Sr, Ba, or a combination thereof and X=Cl, Br or I or a combination thereof) with divalent Europium doping where 0.ltoreq.y.ltoreq.1, and more particularly Eu doping has been studied at one to ten mol %. The disclosed scintillator materials are suitable for making scintillation detectors used in applications such as medical imaging and homeland security.
Zhuravleva; Mariya (Knoxville, TN), Yang; Kan (Solon, OH)
University of Tennessee Research Foundation (Knoxville, TN)
14/ 314,393
June 25, 2014
STATEMENT OF GOVERNMENT SUPPORT The invention was made with government support under Contract No. DHS-DNDO 2009-DN-077-AR103I-03 awarded by the Department of Homeland Security and under DOE-NA22: DE-NA0000473 awarded by the U.S. Department of Energy. The government has certain rights in the invention.