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Methods of forming single source precursors, methods of forming polymeric single source precursors, and single source precursors formed by such methods

United States Patent

September 9, 2014
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Nano Particles – Supercritical Fluid Process
Methods of forming single source precursors (SSPs) include forming intermediate products having the empirical formula 1/2{L.sub.2N(.mu.-X).sub.2M'X.sub.2}.sub.2, and reacting MER with the intermediate products to form SSPs of the formula L.sub.2N(.mu.-ER).sub.2M'(ER).sub.2, wherein L is a Lewis base, M is a Group IA atom, N is a Group IB atom, M' is a Group IIIB atom, each E is a Group VIB atom, each X is a Group VIIA atom or a nitrate group, and each R group is an alkyl, aryl, vinyl, (per)fluoro alkyl, (per)fluoro aryl, silane, or carbamato group. Methods of forming polymeric or copolymeric SSPs include reacting at least one of HE.sup.1R.sup.1E.sup.1H and MER with one or more substances having the empirical formula L.sub.2N(.mu.-ER).sub.2M'(ER).sub.2 or L.sub.2N(.mu.-X).sub.2M'(X).sub.2 to form a polymeric or copolymeric SSP. New SSPs and intermediate products are formed by such methods.
Fox; Robert V. (Idaho Falls, ID), Rodriguez; Rene G. (Pocatello, ID), Pak; Joshua J. (Pocatello, ID), Sun; Chivin (Pocatello, ID), Margulieux; Kelsey R. (Pocatello, ID), Holland; Andrew W. (Pocatello, ID)
Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC (Idaho Falls, ID)
13/ 659,620
October 24, 2012
GOVERNMENT RIGHTS This invention was made under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement between Precision Nanoparticles and Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC under Contract Number DE-AC07-051D14517 awarded by the United States Department of Energy. The government has certain rights in this invention.