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Methods for separating oxygen from oxygen-containing gases

United States Patent

December 26, 2000
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This invention provides mixed conducting metal oxides particularly useful for the manufacture of catalytic membranes for gas-phase oxygen separation processes. The materials of this invention have the general formula: where x and x' are greater than 0; y and y' are greater than 0; x+x' is less than or equal to 2; y+y' is less than or equal to 2; z is a number that makes the metal oxide charge neutral; A is an element selected from the f block lanthanide elements; A' is an element selected from Be, Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba and Ra; A" is an element selected from the f block lanthanides or Be, Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba and Ra; B is an element selected from the group consisting of Al, Ga, In or mixtures thereof; and B' and B" are different elements and are independently selected from the group of elements Mg or the d-block transition elements. The invention also provides methods for oxygen separation and oxygen enrichment of oxygen deficient gases which employ mixed conducting metal oxides of the above formula. Examples of the materials used for the preparation of the membrane include where x is about 0.3 to about 0.5, x' is about 1.5 to about 1.7, y is 0.6, y' is between about 1.0 and 1.4 and B is Ga or Al.
Mackay; Richard (Lafayette, CO), Schwartz; Michael (Boulder, CO), Sammells; Anthony F. (Boulder, CO)
Eltron Research, Inc. (Boulder, CO)
09/ 286,829
April 6, 1999
STATEMENT OF GOVERNMENT SUPPORT The research for this invention was supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, Grant No. DE-FG03-96ER82215. The United States government may have certain rights in this invention.