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Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility Technology Marketing Summaries

Here you’ll find marketing summaries for technologies available for licensing from the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF). The summaries provide descriptions of the technologies including their benefits, applications and industries, and development stage.

3 Technology Marketing Summaries
CategoryTitle and AbstractLaboratoriesDate
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Apparatus for the Laser Ablative Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes
This invention can produce copious quantities of carbon nanotubes at rates near grams per hour.
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Anatomic and Functional Imaging of Tagged Molecules in Animals
A novel functional imaging system for use in the imaging of unrestrained and non-anesthetized small animals or other subjects and a method for acquiring such images and further registering them with anatomical X-ray images previously or subsequently acquired.
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Nuclear Cargo Detector
Apparatus for the inspection of cargo containers for nuclear materials comprising one or more arrays of modules comprising grounded, closed conductive tubes filled with an ionizing gas mixture such as, but not limited to, Argon:CO.sub.2.