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Sandia National Laboratories Technologies Available for Licensing

Since 1949 Sandia National Laboratories has developed science-based technologies that support national security missions including strong portfolios in energy efficiency and renewable energy. We develop technologies to sustain, modernize, and protect our nuclear arsenal, prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction, defend against terrorism, protect our national infrastructures, ensure stable energy and water supplies, and provide new capabilities to our armed forces. Sandia’s strategic mission areas include Nuclear Weapons, Energy & Infrastructure Assurance, Nonproliferation, Defense Systems & Assessments, and Homeland Security & Defense.

We have a diverse range of technologies available for partnerships and licensing for small start ups or Fortune 500 companies. Sandia’s extensive technical expertise, capabilities, and facilities allow for cutting edge developments in the renewable energy sector which includes solar, renewable fuels, nuclear energy, Intelligent Grid technologies, wind, fuels, fuel cells, hydrogen, electrical systems, and geothermal.

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