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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Technologies Available for Licensing

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has a long-standing reputation for advancing scientific frontiers through world-class research and development. Built on a strong base of fundamental science and applied research, our scientists tackle the nation's most complex technological challenges— including reducing our dependence on foreign oil, preserving the environment, and protecting us from terrorist threats.

But our contributions extend beyond the reaches of scientific research and development. Scientific innovation has far-reaching business implications which can strengthen U.S. competitiveness in the international marketplace and support the economic strength of our communities. The business of sharing our technologies and expertise where they can make the most valuable, widespread impact remains at the forefront of our minds when we come to work each day. And we try to keep it simple, with flexible partnering options that let us all focus on what we do best, while working toward a common goal.

Find out how we approach Technology Transfer at PNNL and how you can participate.

Learn more about doing Collaborative Research with us to solve your specific technical challenges.

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