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Oak Ridge National Laboratory Technologies Available for Licensing

Oak Ridge National Laboratory finds solutions to some of the world's most critical challenges in science and industry. We leverage public, private, and international investments to drive scientific innovation that results in deployable solutions.

Serving Partner Needs through Our Capabilities

We extend our R&D capabilities and expertise to researchers, industry and entrepreneurs, along with access to our world-class research facilities. We can tailor our technical assistance based upon your specific needs. Our R&D capabilities allow us to develop and advance renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies more effectively through a full R&D life cycle— from basic scientific research through applied research and engineering to testing, scale-up, and demonstration.

ORNL's R&D areas of expertise include the following:

  • Advanced Materials for Energy Applications
    • Discovering new materials
    • Reducing weight
  • Innovative Processing Technologies
    • Reducing costs
    • Increasing performance
  • Nuclear Science and Technology
    • Full fuel cycle management
    • Innovative design and safety analysis
  • Advanced Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization
    • Reducing the manufacturing, design, and production cycles
  • Sensing, Tracking, and Measurement
    • Optimizing efficiency and lowering operational costs
    • Enhancing security

We use our expertise to develop outcome-driven collaborative research opportunities with our partners. The ORNL Partnerships Directorate executes on our strategy to develop and enhance private-sector relationships, making us a critical partner in growing a technology-based economy.

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