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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Technologies Available for Licensing

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, located in Livermore, California, is a premier national laboratory that applies scientific and technical expertise to solve complex problems of national security. The LLNL Industrial Partnerships Office (IPO) connects industry partners with Laboratory-developed technologies for the marketplace. These technologies may emerge from any aspect of Laboratory research in the three main areas of our mission: Energy and Environmental Security, International and Domestic Security and Nuclear Security.

The Energy and Environmental Security Program at LLNL advances national security through the production, development, and deployment of energy resources technologies. One aspect of this program increases utilization of the nation's secure reserves of conventional and unconventional fossil fuels. Energy Research at LLNL tackles the challenge of providing for the increasing energy needs of the nation and the world community, while addressing the environmental consequences such energy consumption entails.

IPO serves all LLNL research areas, as well as the broader range of Laboratory-developed technologies in other specialties. IPO currently holds active commercial licenses with more than 100 companies as well as dozens of active CRADAs. Licensing and royalty income to LLNL tops $8 million annually, representing more than $300 million in annual sales of products based on LLNL technologies. IPO also administers a number of commercialization initiatives such as the "entrepreneurs in readiness" program that seeks to match entrepreneurs searching for new opportunities with LLNL technologies ready for commercialization.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: Science and technology in the national interest LLNL Industrial Partnerships Office (IPO): Connecting LLNL innovations with industry partners

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