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Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center Technologies Available for Licensing

Established by the Department of Energy (DOE) in 2007, the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center (GLBRC) is at the forefront of bioenergy research innovation. Our Center fosters collaboration among research experts in fields spanning the biological and physical sciences and cultivates the seeds of new technologies that will revolutionize advanced biofuels. We are committed to providing renewable fuel technologies that will enable a cost-effective and environmentally conscious biofuels industry to thrive. Through industry engagement, we are working to translate our research findings into revolutionary technologies for the biofuels industry.

Our research portfolio includes:

  • Improving plant biomass
  • Improving biomass processing
  • Improving biomass conversion to biofuels
  • Creating sustainable bioenergy practices

Our Center is one of three DOE Bioenergy Research Centers. We are lead by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with Michigan State University as the major partner. Additional scientific partners include DOE National Laboratories, other universities and a biotechnology company.

To learn more about GLBRC, visit our Web site at or view our media kit. You can also connect with us on Twitter or Facebook.

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