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Colorado State University Technologies Available for Licensing

Colorado State University is a major university partner within the Alliance for Sustainable Energy, which manages the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Deeply committed to advancing the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency, Colorado State's leadership in research into alternative energy solutions dates to the 1960s. In 1992, Colorado State established the Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory to work on global solutions to fuels, energy conversion and energy distribution.

In 2013, Colorado State launched the Energy Institute, which serves as a nucleus of research, education, and outreach for the faculty, staff, and students of Colorado State University. The Institute aims to grow the impact, reach, and reputation of energy research and education at Colorado State University by increasing collaboration with industry and governmental partners, creating new research and educational opportunities for CSU faculty and students, and accelerating the dissemination of CSU solutions.

Licensing opportunities in clean energy may be found as described below. For other information, including partnering opportunities, please contact Jeremy Nelson at

To learn more about technology transfer opportunities in all areas of research at Colorado State University, visit the technology transfer website at

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