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Process for synthesizing linear polymers of ethylene and alpha-olefins

United States Patent Application

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Ethylene and/or propylene are polymerized to form high molecular weight, linear polymers by contacting ethylene and/or propylene monomer, in the presence of an inert reaction medium, with a catalyst system which consists essentially of (1) an aluminum alkyl component, such as trimethylaluminum, triethylaluminum, triisobutylaluminum, tri-n-octylaluminum and diethylaluminum hydride and (2) a Lewis acid or Lewis acid derivative component, such as B(C.sub.6F.sub.5).sub.3, {(CH.sub.3).sub.2N(H)(C.sub.6H.sub.5)}.sup.+{B(C.sub.6F.sub.5).sub.4}.sup- .-, {(C.sub.2H.sub.5) .sub.3NH}.sup.+{B(C.sub.6F.sub.5).sub.4}.sup.-, {(C.sub.6F.sub.5).sub.3C}.sup.+{B(C.sub.6F.sub.5).sub.4}.sup.-, {(C.sub.6F.sub.5).sub.3C}.sup.+{B(C.sub.6F.sub.5).sub.3(Cl).sup.-}, (C.sub.2H.sub.5) .sub.2Al(OCH.sub.3), (C.sub.2H.sub.5).sub.2Al(2,6-di-t-b- utyl-4-methylphenoxide), (C.sub.2H.sub.5)Al(2,6-di-t-butylphenoxide).sub.2- , (C.sub.2H.sub.5).sub.2Al(2,6-di-t-butylphenoxide), 2,6-di-t butylphenol.methyl-aluminoxane or an alkylaluminoxane, and which may be completely free any transition metal component(s).
Sen, Ayusman (State College, PA), Wojcinski, Louis M. II (Chapel Hill, NC), Liu, Shengsheng (State College, PA)
09/ 778,966
February 7, 2001
[0002] This application was funded under Department of Energy Contract No. DE-FG02-84ER13295.