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Preparation of transition metal nanoparticles and surfaces modified with (CO) polymers synthesized by RAFT

United States Patent Application

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A new, facile, general one-phase method of generating thiol-functionalized transition metal nanoparticles and surfaces modified by (co)polymers synthesized by the RAFT method is described. The method includes the steps of forming a (co)polymer in aqueous solution using the RAFT methodology, forming a colloidal transition metal precursor solution from an appropriate transition metal; adding the metal precursor solution or surface to the (co)polymer solution, adding a reducing agent into the solution to reduce the metal colloid in situ to produce the stabilized nanoparticles or surface, and isolating the stabilized nanoparticles or surface in a manner such that aggregation is minimized. The functionalized surfaces generated using these methods can further undergo planar surface modifications, such as functionalization with a variety of different chemical groups, expanding their utility and application.
McCormick, Charles L. III (Hattiesburg, MS), Lowe, Andrew B. (Hattiesburg, MS), Sumerlin, Brent S. (Pittsburgh, PA)
11/ 586,126
October 25, 2006
STATEMENT REGARDING FEDERALLY SPONSORED RESEARCH OR DEVELOPMENT [0002] The government may own rights in the present invention pursuant to grant number DE-FC26-01BC15317 from the U.S. Department of Energy, and award number DMR-0213883 from the National Science Foundation.