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Amino Acids React with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Form Nanofibers and Nanoflowers

United States Patent Application

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A method for capturing CO.sub.2 comprising dissolving at least one pure amino acid (AA) in water without the use of a catalyst for establishing protonation of an amino group of the amino acid, adding at least one base solution to the amino acid and water solution to deprotonate the protonated amino group of the amino acid and forming an amino acid-XOH--H.sub.2O wherein X is sodium or potassium, and subjecting CO.sub.2 to the amino acid-XOH--H.sub.2O to form new nanomaterials is provided. A regenerable nanofiber is disclosed comprising a NaHCO.sub.3 nanofiber, a KHCO.sub.3 nanofiber, or an amino acid nanofiber made from subjecting a CO.sub.2 gas to an amino acid aqueous solvent. Preferably, the amino acid aqueous solvent is one or more of a Gly-NaOH--H.sub.2O, an Ala-NaOH--H.sub.2O, a Phe-NaOH--H.sub.2O, a Gly-KOH--H.sub.2O, an Ala-KOH--H.sub.2O, and a Phe-KOH--H.sub.2O.
Li, Bingyun (Morgantown, WV), Wang, Xianfeng (Morgantown, WV), Hopkinson, David (Morgantown, WV), Hoffman, James (South Park, PA), Egbebi, Adefemi (Bethel Park, PA), Resnik, Kevin P. (White Oak, PA)
15/ 609,373
May 31, 2017
STATEMENT REGARDING FEDERALLY SPONSORED RESEARCH OR DEVELOPMENT [0002] This invention was made with government support under Grant No. RES DE-FE0004000 awarded by the Department of Energy, DOE/NETL. The government has certain rights in the invention.