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In some examples, a fuel cell comprising an anode; an electrolyte; cathode barrier layer; and a nickelate composite cathode separated from the electrolyte by the cathode barrier layer; and a cathode current collector layer. The nickelate composite cathode includes a nickelate compound and an ionic conductive material, and the nickelate compound comprises at least one of Pr.sub.2NiO.sub.4, Nd.sub.2NiO.sub.4, (Pr.sub.uNd.sub.v).sub.2NiO.sub.4, (Pr.sub.uNd.sub.v).sub.3Ni.sub.2O.sub.7, (Pr.sub.uNd.sub.v).sub.4Ni.sub.3O.sub.10, or (Pr.sub.uNd.sub.vM.sub.w).sub.2NiO.sub.4, where M is an alkaline earth metal doped on an A--site of Pr and Nd. The ionic conductive material comprises a first co-doped ceria with a general formula of (A.sub.xB.sub.y)Ce.sub.1-x-yO.sub.2, where A and B of the first co-doped ceria are rare earth metals. The cathode barrier layer comprises a second co-doped ceria with a general formula (A.sub.xB.sub.y)Ce.sub.1-x-yO.sub.2, where at least one of A or B of the second co-doped ceria is Pr or Nd.
Liu, Zhien (Canal Fulton, OH), Jung, Hwa Young (Canton, OH), Xing, Zhengliang (North Canton, OH), Goettler, Richard W. (Medina, OH)
15/ 337,890
October 28, 2016
[0002] This invention was made with Government support under Assistance Agreement No. DE-FE0000303 awarded by Department of Energy. The Government has certain rights in this invention.