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Apparatus for mounting photovoltaic power generating systems on buildings

United States Patent Application

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Rectangular PV modules are mounted on a building roof by mounting stands that are distributed in rows and columns. Each stand comprises a base plate that rests on the building roof and first and second brackets of different height attached to opposite ends of the base plate. Each bracket comprises dual module-supporting members for supporting two different PV modules, and each PV module has a mounting stud adjacent to each of its four corners. At one end each module is supported by pivotal attachment of two of its mounting studs to module-supporting members of different first brackets. At its other end each module rests on module-supporting members of two different second brackets, whereby the modules assume a predetermined angle of tilt relative to the roof. Two tethers connect the other two mounting studs to the two different second brackets on which the module rests. The tethers allow the modules to pivot up away from the module-supporting members on which they rest to a substantially horizontal position in response to wind uplift forces, thereby enabling the PV modules and their supporting stands to withstand high velocity winds without the base plates being physically attached to the supporting roof structure.
Russell, Miles C. (Lincoln, MA)
RWE Schott Solar Inc.
11/ 243,758
October 5, 2005
[0002] This invention was made using government funds under Department of Energy Subcontract No. NREL NDO-2-30628-05.