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Superhydrophobic Anodized Metals and Method of Making Same

United States Patent Application

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Methods for producing a superhydrophobic anodized surface including anodizing a surface of a substrate in an anodization acid to form a plurality of pores, etching the surface with an etchant to widen an edge of each of the plurality of pores; repeatedly anodizing the surface in the anodization acid and etching the surface with the etchant until the edges of the plurality of pores overlap to form a plurality of nano-sharp ridges, and coating the surface with a hydrophobic polymer to render the surface superhydrophobic, such that the surface exhibits a contact angle of at least 150 degrees with a drop of water. Articles including a surface having a series of nano-sharp pore ridges defined by a series of pores and a thick layer of a hydrophobic polymer on said surface.
Barbier, Charlotte N. (Knoxville, TN), Simpson, John T. (Clinton, TN), D'Urso, Brian R. (Pittsburgh, PA), Jenner, Elliot (Pittsburgh, PA)
14/ 057,925
October 18, 2013
STATEMENT REGARDING FEDERALLY SPONSORED RESEARCH OR DEVELOPMENT [0002] This invention was made with government support under Contract No. DE-AC05-00OR22725 awarded by the U.S. Department of Energy. The government has certain rights in the invention.