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Forwardly-placed firearm fire control assembly

United States Patent Application

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A firearm fire control assembly adapted to be disposed in a forwardly-placed, support-hand operative relationship within a firearm, the firearm having in operative connected relationship one with another a barrel and a receiver in a forward assembly either or both of which being connected to a forestock, and the firearm also having in operative disposition therewithin the following firing mechanisms: a combination of a firing pin and a firearm hammer adapted to engage and fire a cartridge within the firearm, a sear assembly to alternately engage and disengage the combination of the firearm hammer and firing pin, and a trigger assembly including a movable trigger mechanism which is operable to engage the sear assembly and thereby cause the firing of the firearm hammer firing pin combination and thereby fire the firearm; the fire control assembly including: a fire control depression member; and a fire control rod operably connected to the depression member; the fire control assembly being positioned in a forward disposition disposed within the forestock of the firearm; and the fire control depression member being adapted to be operably engaged by the user's forwardly-placed support hand when the support hand is in a substantially conventional forwardly-placed support hand position, and being operably depressible to maneuver the fire control rod to a fire control position to thereby provide firing control of the firing of the firearm.
Frickey, Steven J. (Rigby, ID)
10/ 937,219
September 8, 2004
GOVERNMENT RIGHTS [0001] This invention was made with Government support under Contract DE-AC07-99ID13727 awarded by the U.S. Department of Energy. The Government has certain rights in the invention.