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United States Patent Application

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Embodiments of linkers for binding semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) to metal oxides are disclosed. The linkers have a general formula F1-A-(F2).sub.z wherein F1 is --COOH, --COO.sup.-, --PO.sub.3H.sub.2, --PO.sub.3H.sup.-, --B(OH).sub.2, --BO.sub.2H.sup.-, --SO.sub.3H, --SO.sub.3.sup.-, --NH.sub.2, --SH, or --S.sup.-; A is aryl, heteroaryl, aliphatic, or heteroaliphatic; and z.gtoreq.1 and each F2 independently is --PO.sub.3H.sub.2, --PO.sub.3H.sup.-, --B(OH).sub.2, --BO.sub.2H.sup.-, --SO.sub.3H, --SO.sub.3.sup.-, or z.gtoreq.2 and each F2 independently is --COOH, --COO.sup.-, --PO.sub.3H.sub.2, --PO.sub.3H.sup.-, --B(OH).sub.2, --BO.sub.2H.sup.-, --SO.sub.3H, or --SO.sub.3.sup.-, or z.gtoreq.2 and (F2).sub.z collectively is an oxysilane moiety comprising z lower alkoxy groups bound to silicon. Methods of binding QDs to metal oxides with the disclosed linkers also are disclosed, as well as devices including the QD-functionalized metal oxides.
McDaniel, Hunter (Los Alamos, NM), Koposov, Alexey Y. (Vancouver, WA), Pandey, Anshu (Los Alamos, NM), Fuke, Nobuhiro (Los Alamos, NM), Klimov, Victor I. (Los Alamos, NM)
13/ 797,768
March 12, 2013
ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF GOVERNMENT SUPPORT [0001] This invention was made with government support under Contract No. DE-AC52-06NA25396 awarded by the U.S. Department of Energy. The government has certain rights in the invention.