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Self Assembled Multi-Layer Nanocomposite of Graphene and Metal Oxide Materials

United States Patent Application

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Nanocomposite materials having at least two layers, each layer consisting of one metal oxide bonded to at least one graphene layer were developed. The nanocomposite materials will typically have many alternating layers of metal oxides and graphene layers, bonded in a sandwich type construction and will be incorporated into an electrochemical or energy storage device.
Liu, Jun (Richland, WA), Choi, Daiwon (Richland, WA), Kou, Rong (State College, PA), Nie, Zimin (Richland, WA), Wang, Donghai (State College, PA), Yang, Zhenguo (Richland, WA)
12/ 852,794
August 9, 2010
[0002] The invention was made with Government support under Contract DE-AC0676RLO 1830, awarded by the U.S. Department of Energy. The Government has certain rights in the invention.