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Method of joining ITM materials using a partially or fully-transient liquid phase

United States Patent Application

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A method of forming a composite structure includes: (1) providing first and second sintered bodies containing first and second multicomponent metallic oxides having first and second identical crystal structures that are perovskitic or fluoritic; (2) providing a joint material containing at least one metal oxide: (a) containing (i) at least one metal of an identical IUPAC Group as at least one sintered body metal in one of the multicomponent metallic oxides, (ii) a first row D-Block transition metal not contained in the multicomponent metallic oxides, and/or (iii) a lanthanide not contained in the multicomponent metallic oxides; (b) free of metals contained in the multicomponent metallic oxides; (c) free of cations of boron, silicon, germanium, tin, lead, arsenic, antimony, phosphorus and tellurium; and (d) having a melting point below the sintering temperatures of the sintered bodies; and (3) heating to a joining temperature above the melting point and below the sintering temperatures.
Butt, Darryl Paul (Gainesville, FL), Cutler, Raymond Ashton (Bountiful, UT), Rynders, Steven Walton (Riverton, UT), Carolan, Michael Francis (Allentown, PA)
10/ 393,954
March 21, 2003
[0001] This invention was made at least in part with funding from the United States Department of Energy under program DE-FC-98FT40343. The United States Government has certain rights in this invention.