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Synthesis of carbon/silicon composites

United States Patent Application

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The present embodiment relates to a method for preparing a composite graphite-silicon negative electrode material whereby an essentially dry mixture of graphite carbon powder and an element or elements selected from the new IUPAC Group Number 12-15 of the Periodic Table of Elements that can form alloys or compounds with lithium is prepared to provide an electrochemically active mixture. A mechanical agitation process serves to mix the constituent materials and to produce a fine dispersion with intimate contact between graphite and the Group 12-15 materials. A lithium ion battery negative electrode of this composition takes synergistic advantage of the high lithium capacity of some IUPAC Group materials and the long cycle-life of graphite negative electrode materials.
Gross, Karl J. (Fremont, CA), Wang, James C.F. (Livermore, CA), Roberts, Gregory A. (Dublin, CA)
10/ 341,843
January 13, 2003
[0001] This invention was made with Government support under government contract no. DE-AC04-94AL85000 awarded by the U.S. Department of Energy to Sandia Corporation. The Government has certain rights in the invention, including a paid-up license and the right, in limited circumstances, to require the owner of any patent issuing in this invention to license others on reasonable terms.