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Modified continuous energy supplier (M.C.E.S.)

United States Patent Application

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The Modified Continuous Energy Supplier: a method of generating electricity on board a moving Electric Vehicle for the recharging of the batteries and the continuous energizing of the propulsion motor in which the generating system converts into electricity the mechanical energy in the moving Electric Vehicle. The batteries are recharged on board whenever the Vehicle is in motion, thus enabling the batteries to continuously energize the propulsion motor and make the Electric Vehicle operate continuously even when it slows down or stops before traffic lights. The process eliminates not only the frequent stopping for recharging of the batteries but also the use of fossil fuels which produce emission. With the on board recharging of its batteries and the continuous energizing of its propulsion motor, the Electric Vehicle with the Modified Continuous Energy Supplier is able to operate continuously, run powerfully, and perform reliably like the gasoline-powered Vehicles.
Sua-An, Dalmacio (Dale), E. (Cherry Hill, NJ)
10/ 196,261
July 17, 2002
[0002] DEVELOPMENT. The Federal Government through the Department of Energy has been sponsoring Energy-related researches in cooperation with Car Manufacturers. Millions of U.S. dollars have been invested in researches on Electric Vehicles, especially on quality Traction Batteries, as a solution to the problem of emission. In spite of the millions of dollars of Federal funding, so little has been accomplished towards the perfection of Electric Vehicles, and the problem of limited driving range in Electric Vehicles and of emission still remains to be solved.