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Dissolution Actuated Valve Sampler

Device for Retrieving Liquid Samples

Savannah River National Laboratory

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Dissolution Actuated Valve Sampler
Dissolution Actuated Valve Sampler

Technology Marketing Summary

Engineers at the Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) have invented a new device for retrieving liquid samples.  The dissolution actuated valve sampler was developed to obtain pristine samples while operating without the assistance of a mast or messenger device.


A major concern with current sampling technology is the risk of cross contamination.  SRNL devised the dissolution actuated valve sampler to eliminate problems caused by mixing of the sample with other fluid layers or non-sterile air.  The passive operation of the sampler also significantly reduces the equipment needed for obtaining clean samples.  Most existing sampling systems employ pumps and/or vacuums to aid in collecting fluid samples which in effect increases the cost of taking a sample.

The sampler remains sealed during its descent through the fluid until it reaches the desired depth.  Once the appropriate depth is reached, the sampler opens and fluid is allowed to flow in.  After the sampler is filled it is resealed to eliminate mixing with superior fluid levels during its ascent.  Since the sampler is remotely sealed it can be washed prior to handling, decreasing the operator’s likelihood of exposure.

  • completely passive operation
  • eliminates mixing and cross contamination
  • increases operator safety
Applications and Industries

The dissolution actuated valve sampler should be useful for applications such as chemical, environmental (groundwater testing, radioactive waste, waste management), medical/pharmaceutical, oil refining, feed and grain production, food and beverage, aquariums, and oceanic testing.

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