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Double Coil Condenser Apparatus

A glass condenser apparatus that allows the user to adjust the rate of condensation during testing

Savannah River National Laboratory

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Double Coil Condenser Apparatus
Double Coil Condenser Apparatus

Technology Marketing Summary

A Glass Technologist at the Savannah River National Laboratory has developed a glass condenser apparatus that allows the user to adjust the rate of condensation during testing. The apparatus consists of a fixed condensing coil accompanied by a second, removable coil that fits inside the fixed coil.  Tests have shown increases in condensation rates of up to 24%.


Condensers are used in laboratory and industrial settings in order to extract liquid from a gas mixture. Typically, a condenser is employed for condensing vapor from a mixture of condensable and noncondensable gases. A typical condenser may include coils through which cold water is pumped. Heat transfer occurs when a warm gas mixture is passed over the cooler coils to result in condensation of one or more elements in the gas mixture.

The performance of condensers in a system is typically controlled by adjusting the flow rate of water through the coils or by replacing the condenser with another configuration.  The patented double coil condenser allows the user to make substantial adjustments where the maximum flow rate of a single coil does not produce the desired result.  The second coil can be inserted or removed to achieve the desired condensation rate without interrupting system operation.

  • 24% adjustable rate of condensation
  • increased condensation rates
  • allows user to make substantial adjustments
  • removable second coil
  • can be modified without interruptig system operation
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