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Analytical Spectroscopy

Idaho National Laboratory

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Technology Marketing Summary

The use of lasers has become increasingly widespread, especially for manufacturing products and material analysis. Recently, laser desorption (LD) techniques for mass spectrometry have attracted attention because it produces intact molecular ions, avoids surface charging issues, and allows tuning of laser irradiation to accommodate various sample types. LD microprobe mass spectrometers use scanning techniques that rely on manipulation of a sample target.


INL has developed a device which can track a curved surface of the lens during vertical motion because it has a vertical pivot and a lateral pivot point to set the lens up to aim exactly a target. This increases its aiming accuracy and provides uncontaminated samples.


- Users can replace the laser source to aim at a new target position - Uses both a vertical index and a lateral index to help users in aiming the laser,

- Tracks a curved surface of the lens during vertical motion.

Applications and IndustriesLaser device, target position, distancesTechnology Status
Technology IDDevelopment StageAvailabilityPublishedLast Updated
6,822,228 7,241,990 7,414,241ProductionAvailable08/31/201208/31/2012

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